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John's of Bleecker St.


John's of Bleecker Street was founded by Italian immigrant Giovanni "John" Sasso at the turn oaf the 20th century. John's was originally established on Sullivan Street, in the heart of Greenwich Village. After losing his lease on Sullivan Street, John Sasso dismantled his original coal fired brick oven and moved to 278 Bleecker Street where he continued to run and grow his business and refine his pizza recipe to perfection.

Sasso ran his business until 1954 when he sold the pizzeria to the Vesce Brothers. Augustine (Chubby) Vesce bought the business from his brothers and he continued to own and operate John's of Bleecker Street until he passed away in 1984, passing his legacy on.

John's is still family owned and operated and we are honored to have the opportunity to continue serving our world famous pizza. The hallmarks of John's of Bleecker Street are the coal fired brick ovens that churn out hundreds of crispy pizza's daily. It's a different world from what it was in 1929, but we are still making the same traditional coal fired pizza in the oven that started it all back on Sullivan Street. Enjoy the old-school ambiance, original wooden booths sentimentally etched by our loyal customers, The black and white art deco floors worn by time, turn of the century tin ceilings and faded murals tell tale of a bygone era. Sit back, relax, enjoy the smell of simmering tomatoes and bubbling mozzarella! Feel the warmth and camaraderie, hear the laughter and conversation of happy diners and you feel like you are home again, somewhere familiar, comfortable, affordable, family oriented and above all- Original.

The world has changed, but we haven't. We are still The 'Original' John's of Bleecker Street.